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#8 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Jan 2

Crecurate - student-centred learning enhanced by artificial intelligence.

the kiap family logo and crecurate logo collaboration

Friend Name: Crecurate
Genre: Education service powered by AI


Crecurate is an educational start-up founded on the basis of creating and curating learning experiences through a student-centred learning ecosystem augmented by AI technology. They are strong advocates of technology but also firm believers that technology cannot replace the value of human interaction between teachers and students.

Crecurate offers 2 types of services for parents namely, Crecurate Tutor and Crecurate Learn.

#1 Crecurate Tutor✏️

tutor ai platform interface of crecurate for parents to match tutors for their children

With a current emphasis on mathematics, Crecurate Tutor is an on-demand online tutoring service. Using their system, parents and students can schedule a tutoring session whenever it's most convenient for them. With online tutoring, students can also find the best tutors who are most suited to their learning and curriculum content needs without being restricted by geography.

P.S. They're currently expanding to include the sciences and languages as well!

Crecurate X Kiap Teachers! 📚

teachers using the eudcation tool kiap kiap to conduct an online lesson for students in singapore

Crecurate tutors are unique because they have received pedagogical training from Master Tutors, who have over 15 years of experience in teaching, training teachers, and leading schools. They also have a track record of success. Their tutors use a combination of good pedagogical principles, questioning strategies, conceptual teaching, and the use of digital and technological aids to improve and deepen students' learning beyond what is typically taught in ROTE classes.

The use of the simple education tool Kiap Kiap makes hybrid lessons possible! It fits with Crecurate's notion of using technology to enhance human-to-human interactions without limiting them.

#2 Crecurate Learn 🧠

AI learning platform by crecurate online app

Your personalized online smartbook:

Think of Crecurate Learn as an online smartbook with adaptive AI integration. As you work through the practice questions, you can click a button at any time to get an explanation, hint, similar worked example, etc.


Crecurate's extensive bank of questions—which are tier-levelled in difficulty and created, curated, and approved by experienced school teachers—, as well as our use of adaptive AI technology to gauge students' current competency levels as they work through the questions, are what distinguish our smartbooks from the competition.

As a result, the next question that is presented to the student is always at a level of difficulty that is precisely in their zone of proximal development. It is not overly difficult to deter, but rather just challenging enough to foster growth and create attainable success while boosting confidence in our students.

Special Perks for TKF members 🎁

the kiap family logo and crecurate logo collaboration

10% off a single tutor session, enter promo code KIAP10 upon checkout: KIAP10

📐📝 Friday free content:

Each Friday, a math question will be released, and the following Monday, a video solution will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Everyone can access free content!

Happy learning!

💡✍️ Piece of learning advice from the team:

"Do not aim to learn a subject based purely on memory work, but strive to understand the relationships between concepts by making ideological connections. At the end of the day, it is not pure content that you want to be able to regurgitate, but the ability to think critically and make connections between ideas that will carry you far in life beyond the classroom setting."

Contact 📢:

The contact details are as follows.


Instagram: @crecurate

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