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Enhance productivity from home.

The simplest blended-learning tool you'll need.

✔️ 1 Step Set-up

✔️ Saves Time & Money

✔️ Used by 10k+ Educators

Tired of uncomfortable work or lessons at home? Say goodbye to distractions and headaches with the Kiap Kiap.

Imagine teaching a hybrid class through virtual meetings. Balancing in-person and online students is tough.

The Kiap Kiap™ is a simple clip-on tool designed for remote education and work, displaying real-time pen-to-paper sketches for your virtual classes or meetings.

Designed For Simplicity

A small, effortless device that packs a powerful punch.

As easy as 1 . 2 . Kiap!

comparison chart between kiap k iap and typical document cameras, the best alternative to projectors

Trusted By:

We are proud that our product, albeit its little size, had a positive impact on our customers. We appreciate the kind words of support and guidance.

Ms Tee,  Math

"It's brilliant how I can share notes and go through questions with my student even online!  A simple product that does the job needed."

陈老师,  华文

"More convenient for me to conduct 听写. I can show how the correct 笔画 is formed. 在讲解汉子笔顺时比较方便简单。"

Ms Cheryl, Art

”I could explain and demonstrate techniques, and also guide students when they needed help. Used the Kiap in a hybrid painting workshop. ”

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Your Kiap's Feature List

Bring your work to the next level. 

Angle Adjustment

mobile hinge to fit a multiple devices


fits in your pocket!


weighs only 15g

Budget Friendly

most affordable option

Versatile Uses

ncrease your work productivity

Singapore made

our first proud product.


Limited Time

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