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We are passionate about creating innovative products that make your daily life simpler and more enjoyable. As a local young and dynamic design studio, we're committed to crafting exceptional products that combine practicality, functionality, and style. The Kiap Family is our first edu-tech product brand tackling work-from-home solutions.

The Kiap Family - the simplest remote learning tool

How we started 🐣

The team graduated from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and after clinching top achievements for our final year capstone project, the team chose to turn the project into a start-up.

Covid-19 🦠

 However, for the majority of us, our lives were turned upside down when the unprecedented covid-19 pandemic struck. We had to deviate and pivot from our original plan as a result.

The Kiap Kiap is then born...

The Kiap Family - the simplest remote learning tool

The Kiap Family 💛

During the pandemic, all of our lifestyles, particularly the education system, undergo major changes. Home-based learning and working became the norm. To meet the demands of this new situation, we swiftly prototyped and redesigned our previous product.

Our Home 🇸🇬

We were blessed to have the backing of our alma mater and many supportive educators. Our product soon gained appeal as it proved essential in the new world. We are grateful to all our clients and supporters for their contributions to this small initiative of ours.

The Kiap Family - the simplest remote learning tool

As Featured

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The Kiap Family - the simplest remote learning tool

Giving Back 😊

SPD, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities, expressed interest in buying the Kiap Kiap for its clients. It was a natural decision for us to donate the necessary supplies and also initiated a charitable sales campaign in partnership with their clients. We aspire to continuously give back to our society.

Design Awards 🏆

We are incredibly humbled and excited to share that our team has been honoured with prestigious local and international design awards for our product! This recognition is a true testament to the passion and dedication driving our team daily. We are immensely grateful for the support and encouragement from our amazing customers, partners, and the design community. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has been a part of this journey.

The Kiap Family - the simplest remote learning tool

Local Stage 🇸🇬

 What an exciting journey! The Kiap Family had the incredible honour of representing Singapore at the World-Invent International Invention Show 2023.  It's been a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow innovators from around the globe, sharing ideas and solutions to enhance education. We're making friends worldwide while spreading the magic of blended learning! 

Global Stage 🌎

We are honoured to have been chosen to represent Singapore at the International Innovation & Technology Expo in Thailand. The Kiap Kiap concept was favourably accepted by the judges, and for the first time, a Singapore team won The Outstanding International Invention & Concept Award, which is the second-highest honour in IPITEx 2023. In the future, we hope to introduce more Singapore designs to worldwide platforms.


Want to connect?

Thank you for making the time to read our story! Do you want to learn more? We are excited to have a chat and discuss anything and everything ☀️

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