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We are back bigger and better! Browse our newest edition of the classic Kiap Kiap and couple it with the Whiteboard Set to elevate your work-from-home experience 

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We are proud that our product, albeit its little size, had a positive impact on our customers. We appreciate the kind words of support and guidance.

  • Do you need to install any additional software?
  • What meeting apps work with the Kiap Kiap?
    The Kiap Kiap is compatible with all virtual meeting apps such as Zoom and Google-meets. You may find out more in our guide here.
  • What are the differences between the Classic Kiap and the upgraded Version 2 Kiap?
    After consulting and learning from past customers and teachers, we developed the Version 2 Kiap. Some of the main different benefits are: 1) Added angle adjustment feature so now you can resume face-to-face communication with a simple flip as well as a better fit to different devices’ camera angles 2) A wider range of devices can now be compatible with the Kiap Kiap ranging from 3mm to 11.5mm 3) Improved base material for production making it more durable and light. 4) Improved color and texture finishing.
  • Is customization available?
    Yes, we do Name Personalisation for bulk orders. We have various designs, from floral to transparent tags. Please contact us here to find out more 💛
  • Do you accept bulk orders?
    Yes! Please contact us here.
  • Why is my image blur?
    We apologise for the trouble that you are facing. Your Kiap Kiap does not alter the clarity of the device’s camera. However, do allow us to offer some potential solutions to help increase the resolution: 1. Remember to remove the protective film of your new Kiap Kiap 2. Turn off any filters on the meeting app (background filters/blur feature) 3. Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection on the receiving end and turn on the highest resolution. For Zoom, please view this article. For Google Meets, please view this article. 4. Clean any marks or smudges on the mirror of your Kiap after prolonged use.
  • What devices are compatible with the Kiap Kiap?
    The Kiap Kiap can be used on multiple devices with width from 3mm to 11.5mm such as iPads, Macbooks, laptops and iMac 24″.
  • Why is my image flipped (mirrored)?
    Please view the guide here to solve mirrored image problems. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us here. Thank you for your patience 💛
  • Do you have a tutorial?
    Yes, please view the guide here. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us here.
  • Do you need additional equipment?
    No. But if you wish to transform your desktop area into a simple lesson platform, you may consider getting our double-sided white-board set here.
  • Does the Kiap Kiap affect the clarity of my device's camera?
  • Does it require batteries?
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