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#14 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Feb 6

Zendora: Say Goodbye to Boring Assessment Books

the kiap family logo and zendora logo collaboration

Friend Name: Zendora by Zenith Academy
Genre: Gamified Learning App with Live Classes at Bishan CC


Embark on an online educational journey as The Kiap Family joins forces with Zendora by Zenith Academy! Get ready to go on a galactic adventure through math and science worlds in Zendora!

Zendora's Gamified Learning App 💡

purple space ship

In Zendora, students become space otter adventurers and explore the realms of the math and science worlds! With rewards earned by completing missions, students can customise their avatars and learn collaboratively with other space otters.

zendora avatar with different gadgets

a purple score board with 2 stars

Build habits with daily streaks and compete on weekly leaderboards! 

  • MOE-aligned Primary School Math & Science 

  • Over 50,000 questions in multiple formats (MCS, SAQ and animated videos) 

  • Digital learning tools 

  • Expert-curated learning missions 

Visit Zendora to download the tablet app today! 

Zenith Academy Hybrid Learning Class 📚

office place with zenith academy in back backdrop lghts agains grey wall

At Zenith Academy, we believe that both online and offline learning create the best educational outcomes. The hybrid learning classroom is staffed by a team of experienced MOE and Enrichment Educators and focuses on engaging young learners through a tech-enabled pedagogy.

white furnitures against milk white walls

Sign up here for a free trial class at our flagship center located at Bishan CC.

About the Zenith Learning Group 🎓

Zenith Learning Group, a leading MOE-registered education provider serving students across Primary, Secondary and Junior College in Singapore proudly introduces Zendora by Zenith Academy. Combining game designs with MOE math and science syllabus, Zendora by Zenith Academy aims to become the perfect learning companion for Primary School students.

Started in 2019, Zenith Education Studio now spans six locations and has established itself as one of Singapore's leading education providers with over 3,000 Junior College students each year.

Special perks for TKF members 💛

Offer for The Kiap Family members:

a girl with zendora bucket hat holding birds of paradise ice cream

Here's a treat for The Kiap Family members! 

Receive a free Zendora Adventure Hat upon creating your Zendora account. 

a yellow egg alien clinging on to a promotion code box on a background of space

Use code <U4L3UBUF> during signup, and Zendora by Zenith Academy will contact parents for the exclusive redemption of this stellar accessory.

Contact 📢:

Whatsapp: +65 8116 1823

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