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We need your help! 🌞

Updated: Feb 24

Exciting News! Help Us Win in the Youth Action Challenge!

Please vote for us for the Youth Action Challenge 2024 🤗

We need your support! The Kiap Family are participating in this season's Youth Action Challenge hosted by the National Youth Council, and we've got an amazing project lined up that involves our beloved Kiap tool.

🌈 What's the Project About?

We're planning a fantastic initiative to enhance parent-child bonding through educational solutions. Imagine fostering quality time filled with learning, fun, and a sprinkle of magic—yes, that's the Kiap way!

Our founders at the pich!

🏆 Why Your Vote Matters:

Winning this challenge means more resources to bring this project to life! We've got big dreams of transforming parent-child interactions and creating memorable moments of education and joy.

📱🎮 What Can You Win?

Did we mention there are prizes up for grabs? iPad, Nintendo Switch, and more await the lucky winners. And guess what? You could be one of them! Find out more on the SG Youth Challenge Instagram.

✨ How You Can Help:

Voting helps us develop the next product better, so we need YOU!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Visit the Youth Action Challenge website here.

  2. Find The Kiap Family project.

  3. Cast your vote!

The concept is you have $30'000 virtual credits and you decide how much funding to be given to the startup teams!

We also prepared a more detailed run-through of the voting process below.

Voting Tutorial - Step 01: YAC Website

Visit and click 'VOTE NOW'

Step 02: login with Singpass

Next, you will be directed to this page and login with SINGPASS,

Step 03: Personal Info Check

Make a ranking of the topics you are interested in. We are under 'Digital Inclusion & Safety'. Accept the terms & conditions and press ' SUBMIT'.

Note* only youths 15-35 years old can participate in the voting and lucky draw.

Step 04: Find 'The Kiap'

This is the dashboard for your voting page. Click the 'Digitalization & Safety' category. And click the 'right arrow' button.

You will see our adorable founders under 'Kiap'. Click the picture to vote for us!

Step 05: Vote for Us

Look through our project brief to get an idea of our next development! Click 'FUND THIS PROJECT" to vote for us.

Choose a 'funding' number to give us.

Note* this is a virtual 'fund' and does not equate to real money given to us. It is a gauge of how well the project is received by the public. The higher the 'virtual funding' the project gets, the better placing we will get in the competition.

Step 06: Choose other 2 projects

You can choose 2 other projects to 'virtual fund' them. You have a budget of $30k. After selecting them, simply press 'SUBMIT FUNDING'.

And you are done! Thank you for your kind support given to us.

We are always grateful to every one of you 🤗

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