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#1 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Stick 'Em - making STEAM education accessible to All

Friend Name: Stick 'Em
Genre: STEAM Edu-tech

About Stick 'Em:

Stick 'Em is a young local start-up with the aim of making STEAM education accessible to ALL to give every student an opportunity to explore the world of STEAM and become problem solvers for our future.

We provide schools with STEAM education infrastructure and an online platform with lessons and activities to engage the students in hands-on learning.

SST students' creations using Stick' Em

Learn essential soft skills with hands-on experiences

Robots made with Stick 'Em engineering kit

Through Stick 'Em students get to learn school concepts, and develop soft skills: problem-solving, critical & creative thinking, and hard skills such as coding, robotics physics, maths and more.

Robotics engineering challenges and workshops

We primarily train teachers to conduct cohort-wide programs and collaborate with partners to give free STEAM education to underserved children!

Rulang Primary School Robotics for A Better World Challenge

Stick 'Em allows for large-scale tournaments and innovative challenges. More kits mean more kids can form smaller teams, allowing every student to participate!

Stick 'Em x The Kiap Family special offer 🎁

Offer for The Kiap Family customers:

30% off Stick 'Em School Yearly Subscription fee worth S$3,500

Terms & Conditions:

- Only for Primary & Secondary Schools in Singapore not currently using Stick 'Em in their school

- Only valid with the purchase of 1 x Stick 'Em Classroom Set (S$2,500) OR 30 x Stick 'Em Robotics Kit (S$2,400)

(Note: These are the hardware to be used with the subscription)


Feel free to code "The Kiap Family" to enjoy the special offer presented by Stick 'Em. The contact details are as follows.

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