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#6 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Safar Club - Literacy & Reading Enrichment Programmes for Children & Parents & Educators

Friend Name: Safar Training & Consultancy
Genre: English Literacy & Enrichment Programmes + Training

About Safar:

Safar's mission is to create a sharing and learning platform to equip and train educators (especially early childhood professionals and practitioners) in the areas of pedagogy as well as leadership, by providing tools and resources to make them more informed educators. The educational leader has an influential role in inspiring, motivating, affirming and challenging or extending the practice and pedagogy of educators, which can significantly impact the important work that educators do with children and families. Hence, we also aim to create awareness of the importance of leadership that enhances the quality pedagogical sector. Safar also sees the importance of partnering, engaging and fostering greater collaboration between educators, parents, youth and the Muslim community at large to empower our children to achieve their potential and dreams.

Workshops for Parents & Educators ✏️

Safar Training and Consultancy offers parenting workshops for both parents and educators. For parents and children, we organise literacy, motivational and personal development workshops, and short courses. For educators, we work with various stakeholders to offer training in the area of pedagogy, teaching tools, and communication skills to make them creative, motivated and inspired educators who make a difference. As an adjunct early childhood trainer and practicum supervisor for several religious and educational programmes at local mosques, I saw the potential of providing a holistic training programme for our ECE teachers and leaders.

Dynamic Lessons & Resources 📚

Through interactive online sessions, the Safar club provides a one-of-a-kind curriculum to encourage children to read and write. Children will be exposed to a variety of book genres in order to instil a love of reading in them. They will learn to appreciate shopping, read simple novels, and write neatly. Their software provides virtual tasks that encourage higher levels of thinking and help students enhance their reading and writing skills. There are 4 main sorts of programs for different age groups.

Safar Literacy Programme: get the programme booklet here

Programme Registration: 5th intake registration is open now, access here

About Ms Noretta Jacob

Hi from Ms Noretta:

I have been an early education educator (ECE) for the last 15 years working with very young children, parents, and fellow passionate ECE educators in both the commercial and community sectors. With a deep interest to excel in this industry, I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree, under a local scholarship with SIM University in 2012, majoring in early childhood with management.

Past Experiences:

Over the years, I had the privilege of honing my ECE skills, both as an educator and a senior leader taking the role of Centre Principal for my cluster of schools. As an educator, I saw the importance of raising the awareness of early childhood education to our parents and more so among our Muslim community. I also feel there is a big potential to educate, build in-depth knowledge and instill creative and experiential teaching to our ECE educators, in particular, among the Muslim centres in Singapore and the region. With that in mind, Safar Training and Consultancy was set-up in 2019 to meet those objectives.

Our Vision:

As the founder, I am driven by a strong passion for pedagogy and advocates teaching through experiential learning. My mission is to engage and collaborate with various stakeholders i.e., parents, educators, and the community, to develop programmes to empower and engage young minds through active and discovery play and interaction.

Besides my passion for making a difference in the early childhood sector, I am an avid floorball player (I am a goalie!) and was a former national athlete as well, having represented Singapore between 2001-2005. I am also a passionate cook (I love to feed a village, if possible), an animal lover (I worked at the Singapore Zoo before), and a modern-day hippie (singing and playing the ukulele).

Contact 📢:

The contact details are as follows.


Contact: +65 9320 2271

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