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Celebrating Children's Day 2023: Fun and Enriching Activities for a Memorable Day Out!

Children's Day is a time to celebrate the wonder and magic that childhood brings. This year, let's make it extra special by treating your child to a day filled with fun and learning!

bunch of kids playing around happily in the forest
Happy Children's Day!

We've handpicked four fantastic activities that promise both excitement and enrichment. From bouncing adventures to immersive art experiences, there's something for every young explorer. Let's dive in and make this Children's Day a day to remember!


#1 Bouncy Paradise: Have a fun and energizing day out with the whole family 🎈

#2 Children's Biennale: Immerse yourself in amazing artworks and activities for kids at the National Gallery of Singapore 🎨

#3 STEAM Festival: Learn and experience STEAM at the Science Centre 🧪

#4 Singapore Zoo: Encounter loving animals this Children's Day at the Rainforest KidzWorld 🦓

#1 Bouncy Paradise: A World of Jumping Joy!

giant bouncy air filled castles playground for kids to play with colorful rubber balls
Bouncy Paradise Singapore

Bouncy Paradise is a haven of inflatable fun that promises boundless laughter and play. With a variety of bouncy castles and slides, it's a thrilling adventure for kids of all ages. This high-energy activity not only encourages physical activity but also promotes social interaction and motor skill development.

Find out more at Bouncy Paradise.

#2 Children's Biennale: Where Art Comes to Life!

Story-telling Session with kids siting around a table with props
Story-telling Session

Immerse your child in a world of creativity and imagination at the Children's Biennale. This interactive art experience invites young artists to explore their creativity through hands-on installations and exhibits. It's a perfect opportunity for them to express themselves and appreciate the world of art in a fun and engaging way.

Find out more at Children's Biennale.

#3 STEAM Festival at Science Centre: Unleashing the Scientist Within!

a tesla machine at Singapore Science Centre emitting sparks
Science Centre

Get ready for a day of scientific wonders and hands-on learning at the STEAM Festival! This event at the Science Centre's KidsSTOP is a celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Through interactive exhibits and workshops, kids can explore the exciting world of STEAM and ignite their curiosity.

Find out more at the STEAM Festival.

#4 The Singapore Zoo: A Wild Adventure of Learning!

a girl and boy petting two dogs at a zoo
Meet The Animals Show

Take a walk on the wild side at the Singapore Zoo! It's not just a day of animal encounters, but also an opportunity for children to learn about wildlife conservation and biodiversity. With engaging exhibits and educational activities, the zoo promises a day of fun, learning, and a deeper appreciation for nature

Find out more at Singapore Zoo.


This Children's Day, let's go beyond the ordinary and embark on a day of extraordinary adventures. Whether it's bouncing in a paradise of inflatables, immersing in the world of art, exploring the wonders of STEAM, or discovering the magic of wildlife, each activity promises a blend of fun and enrichment. And as you celebrate this special day, don't forget to explore The Kiap Family's blended learning tool, because the best Children's Day gift is one that supports learning and growth. Here's to a day of joy, learning, and unforgettable memories.

Check out our favourite gifts for Children's Day 2023!

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