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A Holiday Special from Ms Maryam 💛

MCaresforKids x The Kiap Kiap craft lesson

Friend Name: MCaresforKids
Genre: Platform for Parenting

Class Intro:

Join us for a joyful journey into the world of art and craft this festive season, guided by the talented Ms. Maryam from MCares! Using the innovative Kiap Kiap tool, Ms. Maryam has brought a delightful art and craft lesson to life, showcasing the versatility and creativity this tool offers.

By seamlessly translating pen-to-paper sketches and hands-on crafts into engaging visuals, the Kiap Kiap adds a dynamic dimension to teaching, making lessons interactive and immersive. Teachers everywhere can harness this tool's potential to transform their lessons into captivating experiences, fostering engagement and creativity among their students.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Coloured paper, markers, glitter, glue, and, The Kiap Kiap.

Step 2: Just Kiap It!

putting kiap easily on a laptop camera to begin esson

Connect The Kiap Kiap to your computer with ease and prepare to begin on a creative journey.

Step 3: Create the Cards

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Engage your pupils by live-sharing your screen while you sketch out designs. Collaborate on ideas to make the creative process a collaborative experience.

Step 4: Making the Cards Come to Life

conducting online art and craft workshop with the kiap kiap device

Use The Kiap Kiap to record every detail as you color and embellish the cards, transforming the creative process into a fun learning adventure.

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