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#9 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Jan 2

Noshinom: Sustainable Healthy Smoothies!

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Friend Name: Noshinom
Genre: Freeze-dried Smoothies


Noshinom is a local startup focusing on countering fruit waste by upcycling them into freeze-dried blender-free smoothies. Through freeze-drying technology, overproduced and "ugly" fruit can be turned into delicious, easy to make smoothies.

#1 Food Sustainability Champions 🍏

a market full of fruits of various types and colors

Singapore grapples with excessive food wastage, especially in the disposal of nearly 400,000kg of rejected fruits annually due to cosmetic standards. This wastage has spurred local startups like Noshinom, striving to transform the landscape through innovative approaches and technologies.

In a remarkable initiative to address this issue, Noshinom aims to repurpose rejected produce using flash-freezing technology while fostering awareness among businesses about the advantages of utilizing frozen fruits.

#2 Noshinom's Concept 🍓

a transparent jar with fruits beside a noshinom packet of smoothie

Noshinom pioneers a unique avenue for repurposing rejected produce by employing flash-freezing technology. By swiftly freezing cosmetically rejected yet edible fruits,

These products cater to existing businesses already utilizing frozen fruits or those willing to adopt this sustainable approach. The primary goal is to curtail food waste and cultivate a circular economy in Singapore by repurposing and redistributing otherwise discarded fruits. interactions without limiting them.

#3 Healthier Choice 🥝

noshinom waterbottle with packets of smoothies

  1. Nutritious: Noshinom's blender-free smoothies retain the entirety of their nutritional content, made solely from 100% fruit without any additives.

  2. Easy to Make: Designed to fit busy student lifestyles, Noshinom smoothies are incredibly convenient—simply shake 250ml of water with one sachet, and the smoothie is ready in just 30 seconds!

  3. Long Shelf Life: The freeze-drying process eliminates water content, granting Noshinom smoothies an extended shelf life, ensuring they remain fresh for more extended periods. and create attainable success while boosting confidence in our students.

Ongoing Promotions! 🎁

the kiap family logo and noshinom logo collaboration

🍉🍋 10% Promotion!

Enjoy 10% off by applying the code: KIAP10

Zesty Bomb: Pineapple, Strawberry, Lemon

Summer Swirl: Mango, Strawberry, Banana

Contact 📢:

The contact details are as follows.

Instagram: @noshinomsg

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