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#7 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Chineasy - The best app for your Chinese journey

Friend Name: Chineasy
Genre: Chinese education app

About Chineasy:

Chineasy is a well-established brand in the field of language education, known for its innovative blend of design and technology. Their approach aims to simplify and enhance the learning experience for Chinese language enthusiasts. They are committed to making Chinese learning accessible and enjoyable!

Unique learning methodology✏️

Memorizing all of the Chinese characters can be difficult, but with Chineasy, they make it simple. They break down characters in illustrations and categorize them based on how frequently they appear. (also known as Chinese building blocks)

Chineasy makes it simple for anyone to learn to read Chinese by recognizing common characters through simple visuals. The entire system is based on a complex algorithm that breaks down and recreates millions of characters hidden behind charming and engaging drawings.

You'll be able to memorize 10+ common characters in just a few minutes and expand from there.

Chinese education simplified 📚

What differentiates Chineasy is its wonderful visual design, which is not only memorable but also embodies the fun and current side of Chinese culture. The magical power of the Chineasy approach is that students can acquire many new words, characters, and phrases by mastering a tiny number of building blocks.

Master a few building block sets, and your learning will soar to new heights. Learners may read several hundred Chinese characters and phrases with little effort while also getting a deeper knowledge of the historical and cultural influences behind the terminology.

  • Break down the language into manageable chunks

  • Form association easily with Chineasy illustrations

  • Hundreds of lessons and spaced repetition for efficient learning

  • Support both traditional and simplified Chinese

  • Accessible to learners of all levels

  • Stay motivated with interactive exercises and challenges

About Ms Shao Lan (the creator) 🎨

Hi from Ms ShaoLan:

Hiya All! Growing up as the daughter of a calligrapher and ceramic artist in Taiwan, art and an appreciation for the beauty of the Chinese language has always been a huge part of my life, but I admit…it is not easy to learn!

Past Experiences:

I’d like to think of myself as an entrepreneur, geek, writer, traveler and dreamer. I have had several dramatic career changes in the past and, while studying for an MBA, I wrote four best-selling books on software.. In my second semester I co-founded my first venture, pAsia Inc, which became a major player in the Internet sector in the Greater China area in the late 1990’s. After moving to London, I began investing in and advising young technology companies through Caravel Capital, which I founded in 2005 whilst studying at the University of Cambridge. So you could say that I have now come full circle with Chineasy as I have finally gone back to my artistic roots...


But, Chineasy isn’t a one-man band! We have been incredibly lucky to have the artistic talents of the illustrator Noma Bar supporting us. He saw something in Chineasy and has been helping the whole team come up with fun and memorable illustrations for all of the characters – it is not an easy task!

Find out more at:

Special Perks for TKF members 🎁

Enjoy 20% off with the following coupon code when you order a Chineasy app lifetime plan on the Chineasy site: kiap20

Happy Chinese learning! 加油加油!

Contact 📢:

The contact details are as follows.



Instgram: @chineasy

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