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#13 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Kidztropic: bringing families together

the kiap family logo and kidztropic logo collaboration

Friend Name: Kidztropic
Genre: Indoor Family Edutainment Centre


Embark on a journey where education meets enjoyment at Kidztropic, our vibrant partner in family-friendly edutainment. Established in 2023, Kidztropic is more than a play space; it's a paradise for families to connect, learn, and create memories.

Committed to offering a safe and delightful environment, Kidztropic is a cosy edutainment centre designed for children aged 6 and below, fostering purposeful play and strengthening family bonds.

We at The Kiap Family are thrilled to collaborate with Kidztropic to bring you a blend of fun and learning.

Playful Maze! 🤸🏻‍♂️

kid sliding down a yellow slide falling into a ball pit with yellow green white balls

Dive into the heart of Kidztropic, where a safe and engaging maze-like indoor playground awaits your little explorers. Picture a kaleidoscope of colours, rubber ball pits, thrilling slides, and exciting obstacle courses that promise hours of laughter and boundless fun.

This maze-like wonderland is not just a play area; it's a space where children build confidence, teamwork, and valuable skills through interactive workshops and events.

Have a climb! 💪

two small girls having fun climbing a colorful rock climbing wall

Among the many wonders at Kidztropic, imagine your child conquering colourful rock climbing walls. Not only does this activity provide a boost to their physical development, but it also unlocks new skill sets and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Safety is their priority, and these climbing walls offer a perfect balance of challenge and fun for your little adventurers.

Have Fun! 🥕

a small girl playing on a pmakeshift supermarket

Kidztropic goes beyond traditional play spaces with its mini-supermarket installation, a unique experience that combines play and learning. Watch as your child takes on roles like manager, cashier, and shopper in this delightful setting. Through imaginative play, they not only have fun but also gain valuable social skills that will stay with them as they grow.

Special perks for TKF members 💛

promo code for the kiap family with kidztropic mascots

Offer for The Kiap Family members:

10% off Kidztropic 10 Hours Free Play Package (U.P. $140, 6 months validity)

Promo code for check out (valid until 31 March 2024): thekiapfamily

Terms & Conditions:

- Not applicable to current package holders

- Kidztropic Package is for 6 years and below

Contact 📢:

Feel free to code "The Kiap Family" to enjoy the special offer presented by Kidztropic. The contact details are as follows.

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