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#11 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Jan 2

Ottodot: Play to Learn!

the kiap family logo and ottodot logo collaboration

Friend Name: Ottodot
Genre: Educational Games


Ottodot is an EdTech company that uses Roblox to create educational science experiences for P1 to P6 students or kids aged 6-12. They offer Roblox Science games based on the Singapore MOE Science syllabus and are designed to help kids learn science concepts in a fun way. Ottodot is supported by Enterprise SG and Temasek Foundation.

They offer four types of products & services:

  • Mastery Mode Games

  • Monthly Online Tournaments

  • Physical Tournaments & Workshops

  • Online Classes

#1 Mastery Mode Games 🚀

range of ottodot roblox educational games

Ottodot introduces Mastery Mode Games, a series of engaging Roblox games meticulously designed to impart specific science concepts aligned with the Singapore MOE Science syllabus.

#2 Monthly Online Tournaments 💡

online tournaments with ottodot students

Join Ottodot's Monthly Online Tournaments and showcase your skills in their educational Roblox games. Compete with participants via Zoom, test your knowledge, and engage in thrilling gameplay for the chance to emerge victorious and win Robux rewards!

#3 Physical Tournaments & Workshops 🦾

ottodot physical classes with students learning where plants grow

Ottodot hosts exciting physical tournaments and workshops in various locations such as OTH, NLB, and primary schools. Engage in challenging gameplay, interact with peers, and put your scientific knowledge to the test for a chance to win enticing Robux rewards.

#4 Online Classes ✏️

ottodot online learning online platform tuition

Explore Ottodot's online classes conducted by their proficient teachers, guiding students through comprehensive learning sessions. Delve into the core concepts of science aligned with the Singapore MOE syllabus, and participate in engaging discussions and interactive activities to reinforce understanding and knowledge retention.


Experience Ottodot’s latest offerings and games at their interactive booths, featured at events like SAFRA and DfL 2023. Engage with their games, explore new educational features, and dive into exciting gameplay firsthand.

Ottodot booths

Ongoing Promotions! 🎁

The Kiap Fmaily cross ottodot logos collaboration

Discover their limited-time promotional offer for Ottodot's engaging online classes! Promo:

Enjoy an exclusive discount by applying the code: MP16D

Contact 📢:

The contact details are as follows.

WhatsApp: (+65) 8753 2961 

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