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#10 Friends of The Kiap Family 💛

Updated: Jan 2

myFirst: Your Child's First Step into Tech

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Friend Name: myFirst
Genre: Innovative Tech Gadgets for Children


Welcome to myFirst, where innovation meets education! In a world dominated by traditional toys, myFirst emerges as a revolutionary platform that integrates cutting-edge technology into your child's learning experience

#1 The myFirst Concept 🚀

range of myFirst products for kids in white boxes

Recognizing the importance of technological engagement in childhood development, myFirst bridges the gap between conventional toys and the ever-evolving tech landscape. Let's embark on a journey that shapes young minds and propels them towards a future of endless possibilities!

#2 Safe and Fun 💡

myFirst smart phone for children in pink and purple

"Mommy, can I have the smartphone? All of my friends have one.” said an 8-year-old son.

Kids today are growing up in a world where technology is everywhere, and they need to understand the responsibility that comes with it. One way to expose them to technology is by getting them a kids' smartwatch like the myFirst Fone R1s. It has all the features they need to stay connected and have fun, without the risks that come with a smartphone.

myFirst Fone R1s watchphone integrates a phone for voice and video calls, a messaging app, music player, camera, clock, GPS, and fitness tracker into one convenient device. The watchphone not only counts steps but also monitors heart rate and encourages its users by allowing them to earn adorable badges for their efforts. It also allows parents to record their own customised voice reminders for their children, and to train children how to use alarms and reminders. The R1s’s watchphone face may also be personalised with selfies and animated backgrounds.

#3 Simple and Power 🦾

This innovative device is characterised by its simplicity, user-friendliness, and a host of impressive features:

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#1 GPS Tracking and Positioning

This nifty device boasts three different positioning modes, giving you real-time updates on your child’s location and movements. It’s a game-changer for parents with little ones starting school. You can keep tabs on them by having them wear the myFirst children’s smartwatch Fone R1s. And if your child wanders beyond the safe zone you’ve set, you’ll get an alert on your phone. Getting started is a breeze – just download the smartwatch app, sign up, and connect.

#2 Phone and Video Calls

Before your child takes it for a spin, you can add trusted contacts to the watch’s address book. This way, they can make calls and video chats only to these approved numbers. It’s a fantastic security measure that keeps your child shielded from unsolicited calls. For kids heading off to elementary school or kindergarten, this feature can be a real comfort when they miss mom and dad. Parents can rest easy knowing they can check in on their child through video calls.

#3 SOS Emergency Function

The watch comes with an SOS button on the side. If your child ever finds themselves in a tough spot and presses it, your smartphone will spring into action. Once activated, you will receive an emergency location alert with a 30 seconds live recording of surrounding sounds.

More Cool Features:

  • Lightweight and durable design with a 2-megapixel camera onboard to capture those precious moments.

  • Water-resistant (IPX8) rating, so it can handle everyday activities like hand-washing and sweating.

  • An MP3 player lets your child enjoy their favourite tunes, educational content, and stories. They can even connect Bluetooth headphones.

  • It includes an alarm clock function to help your child manage their time.

  • There’s a pedometer to track daily steps and calorie burn.

  • Preset with a selection of new animated wallpaper. You can also customise your own watch face with your selfie or photos sent from others in the chat room.

myFirst Tech Gadgets

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With learning experiences through entertaining and creative devices, myFirst is the first safe tech environment for kids. We empower kids with fun devices, safe apps and connected services to share, go anywhere, safely connected.

Their kids’ suitable social circle network, myFirst Circle, is specially designed for kids, family and friends to interact with no ads, no strangers, only real connections. myFirst is now an established brand sold in 3000+ stores in 36 countries including Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, US, UK and more!​ We have users from 74 countries and myFirst Circle is growing really fast.

Ongoing Promotions! 🎁

This Singapore-based company sells its products online at its Singapore Official Store, as well as at selected retail store.

To learn more about the brand and its product range, check out

Enjoy an exclusive 15% off by applying the code: KIAP15

Contact 📢:

The contact details are as follows.


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