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Easy Remote Learning For All

The Kiap Kiap™ is a simple clip-on tool made for remote teaching & work, reflecting real-time pen-to-paper sketches for your virtual classrooms or meetings.

Remote learning tool
Easy remote learning tool for home based learning

1. Hassle-free Teaching

Clip-on and illustrate easily with hand-written notes or diagrams.

Easy remote learning tool for home based learning

2. Easy Understanding

 The students will then be able to see every step that is required.

Easy remote learning tool for home based learning

3. Ask Questions

Student can easily and clearly clarify any queries they might have with KiapKiap!

Easy remote learning tool for home based learning

4. Manage Interactions

Resume face-to-face interactions by simply removing the Kiap Kiap!

How It Works:

During this pandemic, we want to assist teachers and students with remote learning. The Kiap Kiap! allows you to take physical notes and share videos with everyone who has joined you via apps like Skype or Zoom, allowing you to share digital lessons with a human touch!

Everybody Loves Kiap Kiap!

Let's Learn Together!

The Kiap Kiap! is an initiative to improve the remote learning experience for teachers and students during these pandemic times in a creative and exciting manner.

Learning could also be fun and engaging even in remote situations!

"During home-based learning, I was having difficulty presenting my handwritten notes over Skype. This is such a smart gadget that simplifies my sharing!

Computer Science Professor, SUTD

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Feel free to share with us your creative ways of using the Kiap Kiap! 


"The 𝗞𝗶𝗮𝗽 𝗞𝗶𝗮𝗽! doesn’t require any battery to operate, and is available in 3 different colors. I find this device really helpful for teaching, learning, presentations, and many more!"


"I have been typing on the laptop 👩‍💻 to share my ideas during virtual meetings until I was introduced to the Kiap Kiap by @thekiapfamily .

It is interesting how such a simple device can be so useful for projecting real-time online presentations." 

"Check out this interesting product – “The Kiap Kiap!" by @thekiapfamily. It is a interestingly simple product that aims to aid teachers & students in e-learning. Using The Kiap Kiap! allows you to easily share physical notes and videos via apps like Skype or Zoom to all viewing participants."



"Thanks to the clever people at @thekiapfamily. Ppls has a little zoom visualizer over whatever I'm writing in real time; WHAT A LIFESAVER esp fr math classes🥳"


"With home-based learning becoming a norm during this Covid-19 period, you gotta check out this simple device that makes remote learning a tad bit easier.

I'm talking about Kiap Kiap! -- a little device that you kiap (place) over your laptop or iPad's camera so that it "sees" what you are writing/drawing." 


"Kiap Kiap improves the remote learning experience for everyone. It is such a smart gadget that made learning more fun and engaging even in remote situations.

It is projecting real-time class lessons using your favorite virtual meeting applications"

"Mine just arrived. Now, I take making drawing tutorials easily with just a clip on and no tripod. Get yours at 30% off at @thekiapfamily. Last day today!!"


"With the current situation, many classes and meeting are change to online. It's a challenge for students and also teachers.

@thekiapfamily is trying to enhance your online class with their device. Now, you can write notes or even drawing just like when you have physical class."



"Was searching for a solution to play charades with my friends over the internet during lock down, the Kiap Kiap! allows us to stream freely our drawings while playing the game over Zoom.

Simple and fun!"


"It is easy to install! Just clip it onto your webcam on your laptop or tablet! It is light to bring around too!

If you are a teacher or someone who often hold your meetings, you definitely need this to ease your notes writing to viewers!"

"The Kiap Kiap! Is:
📎 Easy to Install - Lightweight, easily attachable to computers and iPad. Compatible with all webcam software.

📎 Versatile – Many possible applications to enhance the online learning and presentation experience.

📎 Child Safe - Materials are non-toxic and shock proof, safe for users of all ages!"



“More convenient for the teacher to conduct 听写.


And my daughter dun need to keep on holding up the board to show”

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