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Show Some Love to Singapore's Awesome Educators: The 5 Best Teachers' Day Gift Ideas! 💛

Various stationery tools essential for teachers such as paper, pen, the kiap kiap
Classroom Supplies for Teachers

Teachers' Day Blog Summary:

We analyzed and filtered some of the best and most creative gifts for our amazing educators.

#1 - A personalized gratitude jar filled with handwritten wishes and notes.

#2 - A bundle of classroom supplies for teachers, a practical and thoughtful gift.

#3 - Gift cards!

#4 - A personalized tote bag, use your creativity!

#5 - The simplest blended-learning tool for educators: The Kiap Kiap

Teachers' Day 2023 is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to the amazing educators who shape young minds with love and knowledge. In this blog post, we'll share five heartwarming and thoughtful gift ideas that will make your child's favourite teacher feel truly appreciated!

Gift #1 - Personalized Gratitude Jar:

A heartfelt gift idea that will make any teacher feel cherished is a personalized gratitude jar. A great gift for educators which has versatile uses. To make it even more special for this occasion, fill it with handwritten notes of appreciation from both students and parents, expressing how they've made a positive impact in their lives. This simple yet touching gesture will remind our educators of the lasting impression they've left on their students. We found a unique option that comes in the shape of a reusable mason mug being sold by another one of our local stores. You can view it here.

"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." – Malala Yousafzai

Tip #2 - Thoughtful Classroom Supplies

Teachers are always in need of classroom supplies to keep their lessons engaging and interactive. Consider gifting a goodie bag/basket filled with colorful markers, sticky notes, stickers, and other essentials to add a fun touch to their teaching materials. Here are 23 must-haves for school supplies for teachers to get you started. It's a practical and thoughtful way to support their teaching journey.

We are proud to share another amazing local partner, OneDollarClub, who supplies a wide range of amazing and affordable stationery. Not just teachers but students can also benefit from the shop! They do goodie bag bundles too, making it convenient for gifters. Check them out here.

Gift #3 - Gift Cards

Teaching can be both rewarding and exhausting. Give your child's teacher a well-deserved break with a gift card! From relaxing spa sessions to Amazon shopping gift cards. this pampering present will help them unwind and recharge their batteries for the school year ahead. Be creative or simply share what services you enjoyed! Here are the top 10 favourite gift cards teachers shared they would like to receive.

Gift #4 -Personalized Tote Bag

A chic and practical gift, a personalized tote bag with the teacher's name or a meaningful message is a delightful way to show appreciation. Teachers can use it to carry their teaching materials or even as an everyday bag, reminding them of the love and gratitude they've received. Creative shops such as MistyDaydream offers a myriad of custom design options

A bonus tip is that you may also just buy a plain tote bag and personalize it yourself! Unleash your creativity, from good old painting to embroidery. Something handmade will be extra special! A good 100% cotton and affordable plain tote bag can be easily found at Spotlight.

Gift #5 - Blended Learning Tool for Educators:

To make teaching more enjoyable and effective, gift your child's teacher The Kiap Family's simplest blended learning tool. It provides educators with a seamless platform to create interactive lessons, engage students, and foster a love for learning. It's the gift that keeps on giving, empowering teachers to make a difference in their student's lives.

A innovative product called the Kiap which is a small but effective tool that helps teachers save time and money during teaching
Kiap - The Simplest Blended Learning Tool

The Kiap Family is currently exclusive promotions for all educators this Teachers' Day season. Each Kiap is coupled with a free Teachers' Day card for you to pen down your blessings. Feel free to grab yours here or contact us for bulk order enquiry.


Teachers' Day 2023 is an opportunity for us to express our deep gratitude to the incredible educators who play a significant role in shaping the future generation. Whether it's a heartfelt note, thoughtful supplies, a special gift card, a personalized tote, or The Kiap Family's blended learning tool, each gift idea will leave a lasting impression of appreciation and love. Let's come together as a community to celebrate our awesome educators and make this Teachers' Day a truly special one!

For other gifting ideas, feel free to check out the coolest gadgets for educators and digital gifts that can be sent regardless of geography.

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