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The simplest learning & working tool you'll need.

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June 11th (Tuesday) 7am EST

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Facing these problems?

As professionals increasingly shift towards working from home or other remote locations, there is a growing need to address the hurdles that arise in this new work paradigm. Look no further as the simple but mighty Kiap Kiap will provide a helping hand in you WFH experience!


The Kiap Kiap™ is a simple clip-on tool made for remote teaching & work, reflecting real-time pen-to-paper sketches for your virtual classrooms or meetings.


No App Installation / USB / Batteries Needed


Fits Multiple Devices


Small & Portable



Present Anywhere


Compatible with All Meeting Apps


Design Award & Patent Pending


"The Kiap Kiap doesn’t require any battery to operate, just clip it on! I find this device really helpful for teaching and learning for my kid."

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Ms. Cheryl

"I taught a Watercolour Painting Workshop hybrid workshop using the Kiap Kiap, and the experience was a lot of fun!""

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Mdm. Pang

"Thanks to the clever people at The Kiap Family  I now have a little zoom visualizer over whatever I'm writing in real time; WHAT A LIFESAVER especially for math classes🥳"

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"The Kiap Kiap is easy to use, no installation needed! Lightweight, easily attachable to computers and iPad. Compatible with all webcam software."

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"With home-based learning becoming a norm during this Covid-19 period, this simple device makes remote learning so much easier."

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Mdm. Min

"If you are a teacher or someone who often hold your meetings, you definitely need this Kiap Kiap to ease your notes writing to your audiences."

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Ms. Khee

"I have been typing on the laptop 👩‍💻 to share my ideas during virtual meetings until I was introduced to the Kiap Kiap. Such a genius idea!"

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Ms. Yenny 

"A smart gadget that makes enhances learning and making online work so fun! It works with my iPad too!"

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Launching on June 11th, Tuesday, 7am EST

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