How It Works

4 simple steps to kickstart your own home-based learning journey. Let's get kiaping!

open zoom app kiap kiap easy remote learning

Step 1: Open Meeting App

Choose your favorite virtual meeting app. For tutorials on specific applications such as Skype, Zoom on laptops, please visit our in-depth set-up guides here.

For tablets tutorials, please access them here.

Step 2: Adjust Kiap Kiap

Our Kiap Kiap is made to be adjusted to suit the size of your devices. Gently adjust the back piece of the Kiap Kiap to tighten or loosen it to suit your devices.

Step 2 - Adjust Kiap Kiap.png
easy remote learning kiap kiap for home based learning, made in singapore

Step 3: Just Kiap It!

After adjustments, simply kiap our product onto the web-cam location of your device and begin your lesson. Let's get kiaping!

Step 4: Unflip Your Image

Image flipped? Fear not, simply share-screen and present via your device's in-built camera! For a more detailed guide, click here.

kiap remote learning tool for home based learning
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Feel free to browse through our detailed set-up guides in our in-depth tutorials!

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Visit our FAQs to find out more or simply contact us.