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The Kiap Family x SPD Creative Campaign


As the year comes to an end, The Kiap Family (TKF) is very grateful for all the support and advice from all of you. Thank you for making this journey a fun and rewarding one! We never imagined our small innovation could help out so many educators in this unprecedented period. We understand there is much room for improvements and we promise you we will be continually developing and innovating new solutions for our customers. Looking forward to sharing with you exciting updates early next year!

We have received much love and support from all of you and the TKF would like to pay it forward. Hence, we are delighted to share with you our partnership with the SPD group. We chanced upon the opportunity to create something good together when Mr Edward, Operations Supervisor, sent in customisation and bulk order requests for Kiap Kiaps. SPD is a local charity set up to help people with disabilities of all ages to maximise their potential and integrate them into mainstream society. TKF reached out to Mr Edward to offer our products for free to give back to our community.

Serving People with Disabilities
SPD - Serving People with Disabilities Since 1964

We are pleased to find out that the trainers and operational therapists had wanted to use the Kiap Kiap during their online workshops. Similar to us, if not more so, people with disabilities were heavily impacted during the unprecedented pandemic. Thus, we are humbled that our little invention can even impact the underserved community. We are contented that our small gesture had helped out those in need even in this erratic Covid-19 period.

Alvin's Pieces
Alvin Designing His Kiap Kiaps

Apart from our donations of Kiap Kiaps to support the organisation, we came up with an idea during our visit to the SPD centre, where we witnessed how talented and creative the clients are. We proposed a project to empower the SPD's clients by leveraging their creativity. Our engineer printed blank white Kiap Kiaps and introduced hydro-dipping techniques to the clients. Through this process, they can express their creativity by creating unique patterns on the blank Kiap Kiaps. Each Kiap Kiap is distinctive after each dipping, never two with the same designs. The result is a beautiful myriad of specially designed Kiap Kiap.

Uniquely Designed Kiap Kiaps - by SPD clients
Uniquely Designed Kiap Kiaps - by SPD clients

Across these 12 days of Christmas, we are launching the uniquely created Kiap Kiap to the public. Each with a theme and background of the client's work. Through the designing process, they can express their ideas and passions. Every day will feature a different client's creations. Each piece is unique and only has one in stock. The SPD group also created various exciting designs available during the festive period.

We hope in this festival of giving; we can give back to our society and do our small part. All proceeds will be donated to the SPD group and their clients. TKF would like to thank you for your support on behalf of our friends from SPD. Check them out in-store now!

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