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Kiap Kiap! Guide (Skype Tablet)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Finding it hard to make virtual presentations and classes more engaging? You’re not alone.

This article provides you with a simple 5 steps tutorial to set up the Kiap Kiap! on the iPad (Skype) to enhance your virtual class experience!

Let’s get to it.

1. Place iPad vertically upright on a stand/holder

2. Go into Skype meeting

3. Share screen

4. Open camera app & choose front camera

5. Place Kiap Kiap! and conduct lesson

Step 1. Place iPad/tablet vertically upright on a stand/holder

Easy Remote Learning iPad zoom
Tablet Example

Place your iPad on a stand such that it stands vertically. Make sure the tilt angle of the iPad isn’t more than 30 degrees backwards to achieve the best experience!

P.S: If you need help finding or purchasing a stand for your tablet, feel free to contact us at or any of our social media. We are happy to help 😊

(We 3D printed our own blue tablet stand as seen in the photo!)

Step 2. Open Skype meeting

Easy remote learning ipad tool
Skype Example

Enter the Skype meeting app using your iPad to hold a conference call.

Step 3. Share your screen & start broadcasting

Skype Remote Learning
Skype Sharing Step 1

Press the 3 dots and share screen in your Skype application.

easy remote learning tool skype
Skype Sharing Step 2

Select Skype and start the broadcast for screen sharing.

P.S: This step is very important to showcase an unmirrored presentation using the Kiap Kiap! later on.

Step 4. Open camera app & choose front camera

Skype Easy Remote Learning
Camera Setting on Skype

Set your camera to the front-facing camera to prepare to use the Kiap Kiap

Step 5. Place your Kiap Kiap!

Easy Remote Learning on Laptop
Placing my Kiap Kiap!

Place the Kiap Kiap! over your front camera. Tadaa! Your webcam vision is now shifted to the table and ready for the exciting and creative demonstrations you have in mind!

The Kiap Kiap's clip is designed to be malleable and adjustable to fit different computers and screens. You may refer to this post on how to adjust the Kiap Kiap to fit your device better!

easy remote learning skype tool
Successfully Sharing Your Materials

Pro tip: Use a whiteboard to conduct your presentations to replicate a real-life whiteboard presentation! We made a simple DIY guide here.

Final Thoughts

Here’s just one of the many ways you can use the Kiap Kiap! to enhance your virtual classes and presentations.

For more creative ideas, do check out our other tutorials on using the Kiap Kiap! on other platforms such as Google Meets, here!

We hope this enhances the learning experience of your students during this pandemic!

We want to hear from you. How has the Kiap Kiap! enhanced your lessons/presentation experience? What other features would you hope to see? Feel free to tag us on our social media 😊

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