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How To Mirror Flip Image Without External Application

After struggling for months thinking of how to improve your lesson plans, you came across the Kiap Kiap, and suddenly there was hope again as you thought of all the interesting remote activities you could conduct with your students. However, you realised your school's computer is unable to support an external application like Snap Camera.

What should I do with all the innovative lesson plans I have thought of? Am I back to square one again? You must be thinking.

Fret not, as we got you covered. We know that some organisations have security issues that may restrict external applications. Hence, here's a simple alternative on how you could fix the mirror image issue and create new and engaging lesson plans with the Kiap Kiap without having to download any applications. Let's get right into it!

Things you would need:

  • Your Computer

  • A Kiap Kiap

  • A Built-in Camera Application on your computer

Step 1: Open your video conference application

Turning on zoom to prepare for online lessons.
Log In To Zoom

Open your favourite video application such as Zoom and make sure the share screen function is working. We shall be using Zoom as a reference in this example.

Share your screen through zoom to showcase your work in class.
Share screen button

Step 2: Open your built-in camera application

Open up a built-in camera application on your computer. For MacBook, you may open up the photobooth app.

Open web camera application and get ready to share screen of your work.
Open Photo Booth (In-Built Camera App)

Sharing of actual image using In-Built photo applications like photo booth.
Photo Booth

For Windows, search for the camera application from the start button.

Open you camera application on windows computer.
Open Camera App on Windows

If your camera application is not showing any image, you have to turn off your video on Zoom and try again.

Make sure the external camera application view works as this would be very essential for the next step.

Step 3: Share the screen of your camera application

Share screen of camera application like photo booth to share mirror image to your participants through a webcam.
Share Screen Of Camera Application

Now that your camera application is working, head back to Zoom. Click share screen and share a window of your camera application.

As our webcams are set to show a mirrored selfie view of yourself, this would automatically solve the mirror image issue shown on the Kiap Kiap and provide your participants with the actual image.

"Mirrored Image x Mirror Image = Actual Image"

Tadaa! Now you can share the actual image with your participants using the Kiap Kiap without having to download any external application.

Final Thoughts

Let us know if this was useful for you in the comments below and share this with a friend who needs this! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Here's to a better remote learning experience together one "kiap" at a time!

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